Bright Future College Overseas Education has experienced student services company staff identify the best-suited program in response to the personal needs and interests of students applying to study abroad, and if special English language assistance is needed, it usually recommends an institution that provides an English proficiency program as well. Bright Future College Overseas Education works with the educational institutions that students are applying for in order to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed correctly and in a timely manner. This enables a student visa to be issued by the relevant Immigration Services. We also ensure that suitable accommodation arrangements are made for the student during their stay.

Students can enroll at certificate, diploma or degree level, with the post-graduate study also being available for suitably qualified applicants. Programs that are popular with our students include Resource Management and Planning, Tourism including Outdoor and Adventure Tourism, Hotel Management and other Hospitality courses, Caregiving, Information Technology, and Computing, Business Studies, Media Studies, and Accounting, etc.

We begin with identifying the profile and needs of the student and guiding the student to select a right course of study and a college or university based on market trends, needs, prospects, financial budget and other relevant important aspects. This is followed up with assisting students in making applications to colleges/universities, advising them on acceptance of offer, visa submission, flight and accommodation arrangement and arriving at their study destination.

  • Introduce you to suitable University/ College courses
  • Discuss your budget and recommend courses to match your budget
  • Help obtain scholarships from Universities for excellent results
  • Register/ Enroll students to Universities/ Colleges.
  • Assist international payments/ Bank transfers
  • Assist student loans with local banks
  • Arrange accommodation & part-time jobs
  • Arrange airline tickets
  • Arrange airport pickup
  • Coordinate with the institute for student well being.
  • Student insurance arrangement.
  • Visa application support for the student and guardian/dependent

World Class Education

You can link with new and updated world’s most demanding degree courses providing by highly reputed international universities in Baltic states; Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. Thus you can complete your higher education with quality-oriented teaching and facilitating standards.

Personal Networking

Personal networking is vital in success defined in the modern world. Baltic states universities, gather students from multicultural backgrounds from every corner of the world making you a priceless opportunity to develop a personal network spread around the world. This will make the world your new home.

Affordable Courses

Education is an investment which will generate priceless benefits throughout the life. We offer you affordable opportunities for this, by collaborating with leading universities in Baltic States. We tend to promote this concept of study in Baltic States, considering the inherent affordablity for many Sri Lankan students.

Decent Standard of Living

Throughout your university life, you will be surrounded by, decent and cultural environments with the affordable northern European standards of living. Therefore without having to focus so much on earning the living you can commit to your studies and enjoy the precious youth in these countries.

Enjoy “The Europe”

Till you complete your studies you will be entitled to a residence permit, which allows you to visit all 26 Schengen countries of Europe. With this privilege, you can roam around and enjoy beautiful Europe in your vacations. This will gather you the experience of remarkable life, systems, and attitudes to build your world-class career.

Career at “anywhere"

Once you have completed your higher studies from a top university in a Baltic State, Europe, with the priceless experience on European styles, extensive people networking, you will be highly qualified and confident to start a first-class career in anywhere of the world. Just name it, you will be fit to work anywhere on this planet.